autometrics the measure of retail demand

Autometrics releases its 5th consecutive Super Bowl Report, analyzing the impact of automotive ads on retail demand.

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Announcing the launch of
Autometrics Radar™

Offering dealers visibility into what next month’s customers are wanting to purchase

Autometrics - The measure
of retail demand

Autometrics aggregates lower funnel prospect data to track new car demand, sales conversion rates, media effectiveness, incentive planning, sales forecasting, production planning and inventory management.

Autometrics - Listening to over 500,000 lower funnel prospects every day across the entire U.S.

Autometrics LFP data is the most complete and consistent measure of lower funnel demand for new vehicles. All makes and models are tracked on a like-for-like basis.

Lower Funnel Prospects™ Highly predictive of future sales

Autometrics LFP data represents a primary predictor of future retail sales, and is used to forecast new car sales weeks in advance.

How can Autometrics Retail Demand data help you?

Autometrics captures the "Marketing Moment of Truth™"

Autometrics measures the Marketing Moment of Truth™; the moment when a new car shopper decides to contact a local dealer for a price quote. Intuitively, buyers do not contact dealers whimsically, but only when they have made a conscious decision to start the purchase process by getting a quote.

Autometrics publishes four, core Marketing Moment of Truth metrics based on its daily census of new car shoppers:

These core metrics are offered under subscription packages to US Automakers and Dealers, providing the opportunity to increase the efficiency of sales, marketing, production and inventory decisions.

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