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The Data Science Platform for the US Automotive Industry. Analyzing Purchase Intent Data since 2009.

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Since 2009 Autometrics’ market-level predictive purchase intent data has been the most complete and consistent indicator of purchase intent for new and nearly-new vehicles in the US.

Autometrics' data enables dealers. automakers, their agencies and industry analysts to track essential metrics including new car demand, competitive threats and opportunities, marketing and incentive effectiveness, shopper to sales conversion ratios, cross shopping activity and inventory management opportunities, all at national, regional. DMA and PMA level. 

Combined with the latest data science techniques developed in-house by Autometrics. including AI Machine Learning, clients can tactically allocate sales and marketing resources to reflect changing patterns of purchase intent, increasing sales at a lower cost.

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Why Use Autometrics Predictive Data?

Autometrics reveals actionable intelligence up to six weeks before new car shoppers purchase a vehicle and transforms the ability to understand the competitive landscape.  For example, a key application of Autometrics Shopper data is to determine whether the focus should be on generating additional shoppers, if there aren’t enough to meet the sales targets, or, on converting existing shoppers into customers, or both. 

Insights are available to answer a range of questions, such as:

  • Marketing and incentive strategy: Should the focus be on increasing the number of shoppers, due to lower than required Share of Shoppers in a market? Or should the concentration be on sales conversion tactics, due to higher than expected Share of Shoppers, or a combination of both approaches?
  • Advertising and Incentive Effectiveness: How effective is each advertising campaigns at increasing shopper demand? Which markets are responding more favorably to an ad campaign than other markets?  Which competitor campaigns have the greatest negative impact?
  • Inventory Mix: Which markets have oversupply or undersupply of vehicles for the six weeks ahead, based on regional sales demand?   Plan local media campaigns to move vehicles that are in oversupply, and avoid wasting marketing efforts on vehicles that are in under-supply.
  • Cross Shopping Intelligence: Which competitors are likely to affect my shopper sales conversion targets?

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