Autometrics data is used as to alert clients of competitive threats and opportunities, determine appropriate incentive and marking tactics, measure media effectiveness, minimize incentives, track sales conversion rates, monitor cross shopping activity, determine vehicle pricing, help optimize inventory, and more.

The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Troy, Michigan and Tokyo, Japan.



Since 2009 Autometrics has been collecting US new vehicle shopper data in real time from over 150 third party websites for all makes and models, and has been enabling OEMs, their agencies and analysts to track new vehicle demand for all competitors at national, regional and DMA level.



Autometrics philosophy can best be described as focusing on four things:

  • Automotive Demand  we have been focused on the automotive sector since 2000, and have taken the lead in shaping how lower funnel demand data transforms automotive sales & marketing decision making.
  • Accurate data  at the core is ensuring we have the best new vehicle demand data in the market. Our proprietary Shopper data is the most consistent and comprehensive measure of lower funnel demand in the US new vehicle market.  It is like taking a census of car buyers, in real-time.
  • Immediate results – we continuously invest in adopting the latest technology in data management to provide clients with accurate information fast.

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