Autometrics Performance Awards 2020


Autometrics Insights Lab spent the early part of 2020 reviewing the performance of every US vehicle throughout 2019, both in terms of Shopper Share and Shopper Conversion.

A panel made up of Prof Du and Autometrics senior team members reviewed the results segment by segment, and after significant deliberation selected five winners, as follows:

2020 Winners

Best Pickup : RAM Pickup

Best SUV : Ford Expedition

Best Crossover : Nissan Kicks

Best Car : Honda Civic

Best Newcomer : Ford Ranger

We congratulate the Ram, Ford, Nissan and Honda sales and marketing teams for their achievements in highly competitive segments.

In addition to our five winners, we would like to make
special mention of the Chevrolet Trax and Toyota Corolla which narrowly missed out on awards this year.

About Autometrics Performance Awards

The Autometrics Performance Awards take into consideration a whole range of performance metrics, but upper most in our consideration was the mix of demand generation, chiefly indicated by Shopper Share Growth, and demand conversion, chiefly indicated by Shopper Conversion Growth.

There is a performance award per vehicle category, plus an award for the best newcomer to the industry. The winners differ widely in their segment size but generally share the characteristics of achieving a healthy balance between demand generation and conversion, resulting in outstanding market share or sales growth. Both the laws of large numbers and the laws of diminishing returns combine to make simultaneous high growth in demand generation and high growth in conversion an extremely difficult task, especially within large segments. Thus, generating demand growth, sustaining it, and following it up with conversion growth is strategically attractive and often the characteristic of award contenders.

The accompanying Growth Quadrant of nameplates across major segments indicates some factors the panel needed to take into consideration, such as the Shopper Share Growth sometimes coming more easily to new or recent entrants to the market. Telluride, Ranger, Blaser, Gladiator and even Ascent fall into this category. For similar reasons, Shopper Conversion Growth percentages can vary markedly and more easily show large increases when starting from a small base.