AI and Pattern Recognition: the future of automotive marketing


Extracting patterns from the past, and characterizing the present, to help make informed decisions about the future.

Autometrics is taking the leading role in the provision of AI, Statistical Inference and Econometric driven pattern recognition for automotive incentive and marketing optimization.  Our Insights Lab will guide clients on how to effectively embrace the latest Data Science techniques under the guidance our long-standing special advisor, Dr. Rex Du (Ph.D. in Marketing Science from Duke University) – a two-time award winner of the American Marketing Association Advanced Research Technique Forum.

A large part of understanding the dynamics of car shopping and buying is about what happened in the past and figuring out why.  Then we need to translate the characteristics of the present situation and identify what actions are likely to result in a positive outcome, be that selling more cars or targeting marketing or sales incentives to improve the return on marketing investment.

For advanced data analytics and AI, Autometrics data provides not only an ideal response variable (how well marketing actions generated new shoppers), but also an ideal input variable (how well the marketing actions converted shoppers into customers). Given the consistent and highly granular nature of the Autometrics new vehicle shopper data that has been collected every minute of every day for every zip code in the US since 2009, with almost 500 million historical shopper records, no other automotive demand dataset compares to its ability to drive AI and advanced marketing science, of which Autometrics is committed to remaining at the leading edge.