Autometrics Shopper data helps to drive greater marketing ROI.  It is used across OEM marketing departments and agencies for multiple purposes, ranging from:

Competitive Demand Tracking

Provides invaluable marketing intelligence on demand for makes and models in the market, every day of the year at region and DMA level. Clients use Autometrics Shopper data to track demand to detect both competitive threats and marketing opportunities as they occur.

Advertising Campaign Effectiveness

Advertising that is focused on the mid and lower funnel must, by definition, have a direct positive impact on a vehicle’s Share of Shoppers. OEMs and agencies use Autometrics Shopper data to track Share of Shoppers for their own campaigns and those of competitors.  For example, Autometrics data enables a TV commercial launched on a Thursday evening for an incentive to be reviewed for effectiveness by Friday morning.

Product Launches

Autometrics Shopper data will immediately indicate the effectiveness of a product launch by tracking the Share of Shoppers against key competitors during the pre-launch, launch and post-launch periods. The relative increase in demand can be tracked day by day, and signs of wear-out spotted immediately to determine if a change in creative is merited. With Autometrics shopper data available starting from January 2009, clients can benchmark any campaign against historic product launches for similar vehicles, including key rivals.

Major Event and Sponsorship Effectiveness

Autometrics Shopper data can be used to analyse the effectiveness of sponsorship opportunities by tracking a brand’s change in Share of Shoppers before, during and after the event. This includes major sponsorships such as the Olympics, Oscars and Super Bowl, and regional events where shopper data can be analyzed down to the DMA level.

Cross Shopping

Autometrics Shopper data is used by OEMs to determine cross shopping threats and opportunities, providing deep insights for tactical marketing at a national and regional level. Importantly, Autometrics includes cross shopping by consumers across multiple different third party sites, and not just the minority of consumers who cross shop on a single site.