How to get Autometrics Shopper Data


Subscription Types

Autometrics provides two ways to subscribe Shopper data:

Daily or Hourly Standard Data Subscriptions

For clients who have in-house data analytics capabilities that Autometrics drives via automated data feeds down to region and DMA.

Zip Code Level
Data Subscription

A powerful extension to the standard data subscription with hourly data provided down to the zip-code level.

Data Scope

Clients subscribe to Autometrics and can choose the scope, granularity and frequency of updates to fit their needs.


Choose which vehicle category package to subscribe to (all makes and models are provided in each package):

> Standard Passenger Cars

> SUVs, Crossovers and Minivans

> Pick-up Trucks and Commercial Vans

> Luxury Vehicles

Geographic Granularity

National, regional and DMA data is available as standard.

Frequency of updates

Most receive data hourly or daily, as it provides the ability to assess the real-time impact of sales and marketing activity.

Alternatively, clients can choose to receive a “deferred feed”, which is available.

Automated Reports

As an alternative to the data subscriptions, Autometrics produces highly visual and insightful standardized summary reports for delivery via email in PDF format both daily and weekly.

Analytics Projects

In addition, Autometrics also works with clients on ad hoc projects that involve either the provision of a bulk data download for AI/Machine Learning or Big Science Analytics projects, and commissioning of a research project conducted by Autometrics Data Science team.