White Papers

Du, Rex, Linli Xu, and Kenneth Wilbur (2019), “Immediate Responses of Brand Search and Price Search to TV Ads,” Journal of Marketing, 83 (4), 81-100.

Used minute by minute shopper data for F150, Silverado and Ram to study the immediate impact of TV ads on price search



Damangir, Sina, Rex Du, and Ye Hu (2018), “Uncovering Patterns of Product Co-Consideration: A Case Study of Online Vehicle Price Quote Request Data,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 42, 1-17.

Used shopper data from the car category to study cross-shopper behavior



Hu, Ye, Rex Du, and Sina Damangir (2014), “Decomposing the Impact of Advertising: Augmenting Sales with Online Search Data,” Journal of Marketing Research, 51 (3), 300-319.

Reported correlation between sales, online searches, shopper demand (Autometrics data) and website visits (see Table B1 at the very end)