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Autometrics has hired a team of data scientists and analysts, to develop tools and derive insights on the impact of demand and how to react to changes in demand.

The Insights Lab team, led by Professor Rex Du, is responsible for the publication of market insights, and the development of tools and applications to support the analysis of Autometrics Shopper data.

In our first publication, The Autometrics Report, Professor Rex Du introduces the Autometrics Growth Quadrant chart, which illustrates how one can obtain deeper insights into the gains and losses in market shares by decomposing them into shifts in Shopper Share versus shifts in Shopper Conversion. The matrix results in a segmentation of performance into four quadrants:


For whom both Shopper Share and Conversion grew, suggesting momentum in a strengthening market position.

Share Improvers-Conversion Decliners

For whom Shopper Share grew but Conversion declined, suggesting further growth opportunities in either attracting more convertible prospects in the first place or incentivizing more existing prospects to purchase.

Share Decliners-Conversion Improvers

For whom Shopper Conversion grew but Shopper Share declined, suggesting that growth opportunities may reside mainly in attracting more prospects.


For whom both Shopper Share and Conversion declined, indicating cause for alarm for a weakening market position.

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The Autometrics Report (Annual Review 2019) is the first in a series of Autometrics Insights publications that will set out key trends in new car demand on a regular basis. To subscribe to upcoming Autometrics Insights, please complete the form below and we will send you links to future publications.

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